2023 Upper Deck Skybox Metal Universe Champions Pack


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2023 Skybox Metal Universe Champions Trading Cards from Upper Deck delivers (7) Premium Inserts including (3) Gold Universe and/or High Voltage Cards, (3) Z-Force Cards and (1) E-X Card, (3) Retro 1998-99 Metal Universe Championship Variants Cards, plus at least (1) Numbered Card (#'d to 150 or less) and (3) Skybox Premium Cards in Every Box!

Skybox Metal Universe Champions features a large number of domestic and international high-end prospects and young stars from a variety of sports. There are also a few sporting legends, media personalities and musicians. With diverse checklists, beautiful designs and a bevy of tantalizing chase cards, Skybox Metal Universe Champions provides one of the most exciting box and case breaks in the world of card collecting and is a favorite amongst collectors!


Configuration: 12 boxes/15 packs/7 cards -

2023 Skybox Metal Universe Champions Trading Cards Box BREAK:

  • (7) Premium Inserts including (3) Gold Universe and/or High Voltage Cards, (3) Z-Force Cards and (1) E-X Card
  • (3) Retro 1998-99 Metal Universe Championship Variants Cards
  • (1) Numbered Card (#'d to 150 or less)
  • (3) Skybox Premium Cards

2023 Skybox Metal Universe Champions Trading Cards Case BREAK:

  • (6) Autographed Cards
  • (1) Dark Matter, Gravitational Pull, Jambalaya or Rave Review Card
  • (1) Golden Touch Card

2023 Skybox Metal Universe Champions Trading Cards product highlights:

  • 2023 Skybox Metal Universe Champions is LOADED with incredible athletes - from retired legends to current superstars and sports icons. Here are just a few of the notable NEW names you’ll find in this special product:
    • Amari Avery, Will Anderson Jr., Anthony Black, Jimmy Connors, Justin Crawford, Dylan Crews, Rhyne Howard, Jaelin Howell, G.G. Jackson, Sam Mewis, Kevin Parada, Anthony Richardson, Brice Sensabaugh, Nick Smith Jr., Andrej Stojaković, Mikaylah Williams
  • The 150-Card Base Set, consists of 100 regular cards - each sporting a unique background design provided by the team that created the original 1997-98 Metal Universe set - and 50 high-series All-Millennium cards (a new name and design for the high-series subset).
    • The diverse checklist is made up of top prospects, current superstars and legends from a variety of sports: Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Hockey, MMA, Soccer, Tennis and more!
  • The parallel lineup is deep and full of chase cards, highlighted by the coveted Silver Auto, Gold Auto (low-#’d) and Precious Metal Gems (PMG) parallels: Red (#’d to 100), Blue (#’d to 50), Green (#’d to 10) and Gold (#’d 1-of-1). Additionally, there are three ALL-NEW Light FX parallels: Pink FX (#’d to 75) and Orange FX (#’d to 25).

The 2023 edition sports a wide variety of intriguing inserts, including several NEW additions:NEW! Dark Matter: Lucky collectors will pull one of these rare gems built on black soft touch stock! Several of the biggest names in the product are featured in this new insert.NEW! E-X: These brightly-colored cards with a PETG back, a die-cut Rainbow Foil top sheet and a popped-out prospect or legend are sure to be a hit! Collect one (1) per box, on average, and keep an eye out for low-#’d Essential Credentials Then and Essential Credentials Now parallels.NEW! Gold Universe & High Voltage: Printed on pattern rainbow foilboard, both of these beautiful new sets feature several of the biggest names in the product.NEW! Retro 1998-99 Metal Universe Variants: This collection of cards features the top athletes from the base set on the 1998-99 Metal Universe base set design. Each box will contain, on average, three (3) of these cards. There are also Gold (#’d to 50) and Master (#’d 1-of-1) PMG parallels to search for, both of which would be a valuable addition to any collection!Golden Touch: This CASE HIT returns after a successful 2022 debut. It is a revamped version of a classic insert, this perimeter die-cut set also sports a best-of-the-best checklist.Z-Force: This design of this popular set, which features top stars, resembles the classic ’90’s Z-Force designs. Look for two NEW parallels addition to the returning Rave (#’d to 150) and Super Rave (#’d to 50) parallels, collectors can also now hunt for Galaxy Rave (#’d to 25) and Universe Rave (#’d 1-of-1) parallels! !Fresh Foundation: The checklist for this popular insert features only top prospects and young stars! This set also boasts a new design and the same parallel lineup as the base set!  Skybox Premium: Another classic insert consisting of the top names from the base set. There are six serially-#’d parallels, highlighted by the Star Emerald (#'d to 25), Star Amethyst (#’d to 10) and Star Diamond (#’d 1-of-1) parallels, as well as a retro design variant set #d to 50 that sports the 1998-99 Skybox Premium Star Rubies design! There is also a rare Auto parallel of the design variant set.Jambalaya: These iconic insert cards feature a spectacular new design and the best-of-the-best athletes.

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